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Ahmed Fadaam immigrated to the U.S. nine years after the U.S. invaded Iraq. Ramadan is a particularly somber time of year for his family because it doesn't feel the same in Burlington, NC. He sprinkles his lessons as a professor with personal anecdotes in the hopes that students will never forget about the war. This is a multimedia piece. 

Two Elon University students were released from police custody after being arrested during a march for voting rights and justice. Supporters of those arrested gathered outside of the Alamance County Detention Center in Graham chanting and clapping as those arrested were released one-by-one. 

Many runners weren't alive on Sept. 11, 2001 while others were too young to remember the terrorist attack. Some parents work hard to close the generational gap. The Graham Parks and Recreation Department and the Graham Fire Department brought people of all generations together to compete in a 5k race. This story was recognized by the Society of Professional Journalists. 

The solar panels on Elon University’s solar farm can power up to 418 homes every year — about 10% of Elon’s annual electricity consumption. The solar panels are on university-owned land, but state law prevents the electricity from going directly to campus. This story is a multimedia piece. It was a part of Elon News Network's Earth Day coverage. 

Elon University's campus runs as normal on Veterans Day, but the holiday still prompts retired and active service members to reflect. Veteran and University Registrar Rodney Parks said serving the student body is part of how he commemorates this day. 

When volunteer firefighter Matthew Murray learned about his job’s threat to his health, it shocked him. This is why he is raising money for a special washer and dryer which will keep his uniform free from carcinogens. I am the first intern whose reporting was published by WVLT News. 

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