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The number of Wisconsin high school seniors who have completed the federal form needed to receive college financial aid is down by more than a quarter so far this year.

Note: I've been following this issue for months. This is my second follow up story.


There are 14 students at Horizon, an alcohol- and drug-free high school designed specifically for students recovering from substance use disorders and mental health disorders. It’s Wisconsin’s only recovery high school. But after a push by advocates resulted in new state funding, that could change in coming years.

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UW Regents said tuition increases are necessary as system-wide enrollment declines persist. Other contributing factors include inflation, rising health care costs and dwindling COVID relief funds.

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According to the university, the staff serving students with disabilities was cut in half, from eight people to four. Students said requests for accommodations are being delayed or denied, resulting in poorer academic performance because they can’t get the help they need.

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By watching owls River and Oscar, Christine Moczynski has learned perseverance. She is altering her lifestyle so that River can have a successful brood.

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He is a scientist, a violinist and the self-proclaimed heaviest patron of the local library. But for the last several months, Ed Sternberg has been focused on defending his other hobby: gardening. The city of Wauwatosa is threatening to mow down his native garden after complaints about his yard.

Note: Soon after the story was published, the city dismissed the complaints.

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